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Dave Eastman's Van Report.

Hi Maddie I've finally got around to do this report before -
Parkinsons Disease takes its toll. A long report but I hope you can pass all info to other club members!

I am now 70 and the van is almost finished with (by my choice only) all my own work, not excluding my -
sons (Matthew's) input. The van is not intended to be Concours, but I stripped and built it from bare bodyshell on -
a self constructed spinning jig (2 A Frames and a scaffold pole thru speedo hole, did all the welding myself with new -
panels, 2 bottom door frames, inner and outer sills, "A" panels, wings , inner and outer rear valances, 2 front floors -
2 new wings and complete front panel, not the prettiest of jobs but plenty of seam sealer and experience from my -
off road racing heritage. Fuel ines inside, new petrol tank, and rear sub all new brake lines , CV drive couplings -
wheel bearings and twin leading shoe conversion, new master cylinders and wiring loom, 6 coats of cellulose then wax oiled -
upside down then spun and done it all again right way up!

a colour change to black but didn't fancy two pack and all its dangers at home so I used 3-4 coats of acrylic, soft paint -
but you don't have to worry about the TESCO door bangers!

Engine and non standard bits, new oil and water pumps, standard engine steady bars on bottom and gearbox (genuine 30,000 miles -
"A HEAD super Runs on super unleaded with additive, single timing chain retained (bit noisy. Adjustable rear camber brackets -
Minispares adjustable front suspension arms and tie rods, new standard shocks, engine -Minispares 1&1/2" SU with water -
heated inlet manifold, k&N filter LCB exhaust, RC 40 exhaust system.

Original windows have been cut out (Aussie rubber style windows) still in stock. These have been replaced with -
twin laminated wp ply, but complete steel sides still available for purists!! New window rubbers all round. As I have said -
not destined for Concours but solid and designed to be used!! I still have the wiring to finish with a new Minispares -
wiring loom. I'd welcome any advice from members who have done this, themselves!

My health is fading fast with PD. So I'm getting a bit panicky....Dave Eastman

Thank you Dave for your report, a long time coming and all credit to you in spite of your health.........Editor.

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