Members car's rolling reports.

Madeline reports.

Friday 19th January - with much swearing, bruised knuckles, dirty oil under the finger nails and increasing frustration Glen and I set about removing the old 1098 engine. The worse part of the whole job was to remove the wretched roll pin which holds the gear change mechanism to the engine. By this time it was 4 O’clock and I’d had enough, getting the pin out would have to be done the following day.

Saturday 20th January - Today we removed the roll pin, followed by the top ball joints and the trackrod ends. With me under the car the Ty Raps around the pot joints were cut off. With Glen keeping a sharp eye out we pulled the drive shafts out of the pot joints. OOP's, 4 ball bearings fell out on the nearside and one on the offside, these we put aside for safe keeping. Next it was the turn of the exhaust system followed by the engine mounting bolts - the top and bottom engine steady bars, various hoses and such like. With the aid of the engine crane we gingerly raised the engine out of the car and thence lowered it to the floor. And that was as far as we went. We were cold and fed up, down with the tools and into the warm.

Sunday 21st January - Alan came over to help with putting the new engine in. First of all we had to correct a mistake made by the garage which had fitted a new steering rack back in December. I had wondered why the car had been creaking at the front end. I discovered on Saturday one of the turret rubbers laying in the subframe which must have fallen out when they were putting it back together. Alan and I slackened off the sub frame mounts, which did not take long as every single one was loose! Next we removed the turret bolt and slackened off the other one. Alan used a crow bar to raise the car off the turret whilst I carefully slid the rubber pad onto the turret. Thereafter it was just a matter of doing up all the bolts. (so much for trusting a job to a garage). I scraped off all the old engine grime from the subframe and Alan used some paraffin to finish the job - smart looking now. It was now time to lower the new engine into the car - this was soon done also making sure that the speedo cable was fitted. The CV joints were re-fitted, boots on with new TY Raps, Ball joints done up, lower steady bar and the gear change roll pin. The exhaust was next offered up and bolted up to the manifold. By now it was 4:45 and we had both had enough of the cold and the dirt. Many thanks to ALAN who did so much to help me fit the engine. I can now manage the rest of the job. Boris should soon be ready.

To all members - please send in your reports.