Members car's rolling reports.

Madeline reports.

Hi folks, with regard to the last rolling report concerning BORIS my 79 clubman estate. As promised I'll now let you know the result of the investigations. Having prepared another cylinder head over the holiday period I decided to fit it the other day. This was duly done. New gasket etc. The engine was started and all appeared well. Wrong! (Insert many Anglo Saxon expletives here*****). Within a short while, clouds of white oily smoke started to belch from the exhaust pipe. (more Anglo Saxon expletives). Switched off the engine and removed spark plugs number 3 and 4. Yep, both plugs were covered in black oil- obviously the cylinder heads had not been at fault but instead the pistons rings have to be knackered. As the car is my main commuter I'm now faced with the prospect of having to fit a new engine. Today 31st December I made a few calls and managed to find a new one which is already to drop straight in. I'm going to be very busy next weekend I've no doubt.

To all members - please send in your reports.