Members car's rolling reports.

John Burton, Grant Botting, Madeline reports.

John reports that both front wheel bearings are US. I laughingly chided him that he should stop cornering on a sixpence continuously! So its off to the garage for new wheel bearings to be fitted. John has also had a bit of bother with the electrics, something to do with the hazard light switch - but since now fixed.

Grant has had trouble with his car electrics too - The Alternator has had to be replaced as it was not charging the battery. I pointed him to our local vechicle scrap yard. He was able to get a second hand replacement for just 25. The yard tested it for him and offered to replace it if it should fail.

And now for my woes. Boris has started smoking big time! Clouds of smoke when started, which eventually wears off once the engine gets a bit hot. Considering a resurfaced head has been recently fitted not a welcome sight. Investigation when the car had been standing overnight revealed pots number 3 and 4 had a considerable amount of oil on the crowns. I suspect that the valve guides are really worn and letting the oil seep down. Or, the new head gasket is at fault? I'll be romoving the head in the next day or so to check this out. Finally Boris has had the new steering rack fitted along with new track rod ends and ball joints. What a difference to the steering. That's it for now folks.

To all members - please send in your reports.