Members car's rolling reports.

John Collins Reports.

My Mini NEON has had a minor facelift with a chrome grille that cost just a Tenner from Stanford Hall. Once polished it looked far better than the old black one. Also fitted were a set of chrome headlamp peaks that used to be on my Mini 25. More importantly a home made aluminium rain shield has been fashioned to fit behind the grille.

The 1970 Clubman is still away at the bodyshop, but the gearbox and engine are re-united and have been painted BMC engine green. The engine itself is fully rebuilt, with a + 20 thou rebore and lead free cylinder head being the only changes to the standard 998.

Both the above Mini's have now featured in MiniMag's "Your Mini's section, September issue. I knew the Neon was going in, but the clubman's picture (pre-restoration) was an added bonus. All thanks to staff writer Jeff.

My third Mini is a 1979 Mini 1100 special that I've had for 11 years (see below). This will hopefully be restored once the clubman is finished.

To all members - please send in your reports.