Members car's rolling reports.

MORTIE gets pumped up.

Maddy's 1966 Morris Mini Cooper was looking decidedly low. So, as a treat it was decided to have him lifted. By now you should have guessed that the Hydrolastic suspension needed bleeding and new suspension fluid put into the system. The man for this task was Graham Carter of Fenland Car Care. A short drive later Mortie was on the ramp, fluid was bled off and then the box of tricks known as Magic levers was employed. We had previously agreed to pump him up to around one and a half inches, (as measured between the wheel arch and the top of the tires). With both sides pumped up we measured the distance between the wheel arch and the tires and by a process of bleeding achieved a perfect balance.With the job done a noticeable difference in the suspension qualities was noticed - the ride was less harsh and the bump stops were not being abused as previously.

Picture this! a busy A10 from cambridge to Ely and a spluttering Boris(Clubby estate)and an increasingly irate Maddy. The inevitable happened, Boris was slowly loosing momentum, luckily a left turn off the aforesaid A10 was just a few metres away, quickly on with the turn indicator and Boris slowly coasted to a stop on the side road. With hazard lights winking away the bonnet was lifted and the cause of the problem was investigated. Off with the float chamber lid - DRY AS A BONE. The engine was quickly given a turn - petrol was spurting out of the fuel pump, so that wasn't the answer. Closer examination showed that the float jet needle was sticking despite it being almost brand new. After removing the needle the plastic moulding was found to have some moulding flash left on which was causing the needle to sick. A gentle scrape with a penknife soon sorted that out. Ten minutes later Maddy was on her way without any further problems.

Bertie the 69 Automatic was given some head treatment. Some 500 miles ago the head had been skimmed and valve seats re-ground so it was time for it to be re-torqued. Nuts were cracked off and then torqued down to 50 ft Lbs. Tappets were checked and adjusted as required. Actually, only two needed doing much to the relief of Maddy who hates that job. The block and radiator were drained and new anti freeze and water was added. Passenger side head lamp was replaced too as the dipped beam had packed up. All three cars are now ready and raring to go.

To all members - please send in your reports.