Members car's rolling reports.

MADDY's Clubman estate has had its head shaved.

BORIS had been spluttering recently so it was decided to have things checked out. I drove over to Head Racing Developments at Witchford (Ely) for a top and bottom end compression test. Bottom end checked out OK but a leak between number 1 & 2 valves was detected. The head was removed the Monday before I set off for a trip to the United States to visit Harry & Family. I had left the cylinder head with Dick at HRD so that it could be shaved and the valves and inserts re-seated.

10 days later with a successful trip concluded the head was collected from HRD. Saturday 21st October and it was time to re-fit the cylinder head onto BORIS. First of all it was cleaned and de-greased and a nice shiny coat of black engine paint applied, likewise the thermostat housing and radiator bracket were also painted. By the end of the afternoon the head was in place and ready to be torqued down but first the push rods and rocker shaft had to be fitted. Soon the head was torqued down and ready for the Tappets (valve lifters to our American cousins)to be adjusted.Unfortunately the light ran out so this job was to follow the next day.

Well, tappet adjustment didn't happen next day due to coming down with a severe cold via Emma, one of Harry's daughters. She'd had an absolute stinker when I left the States, thank's emma! Yesterday 28th October the tappets were adjusted and may I say quite easily for a change. Thermostat and housing followed by the exhaust mainfold and carb. Throttle and choke cables fitted. Radiator filled with anti freeze, oil checked, plugs checked and finally the battery connected.

The carb was primed with a couple of drops of petrol (always find that this helps the engine to start). With the choke at about a third of the way out the key was turned, success! the engine started straight away and soon settled down to a comfortable tick over. I took the opportunity to check for coolant leaks and so on whilst it was running. Sunday 29th Boris was driven for 5 miles or so as a sort of shakedown cruise, no problems were encountered. In conclusion Boris is now ready for the winter ahead.

Nice shiny cylinder head and radiator.