Members car's rolling reports.

Cris's car is steadily improving, oil leak fixed, new dizzie fitted, sports coil. MOT passed. 20/08/2006 Now it is the turn of the disc brakes. The car was pulling to the left when braking, fault was traced to semi-seized caliper pistons. Cris brought along some nice new stainless steel pistons and seals. Soon the car was jacked up and the front wheels removed. The calipers were unbolted and the brake hoses tied off and capped to save fluid. The pistons were removed (with some little trouble) then the old seals were removed and the bores were cleaned, the inner seals were then fitted followed by the new pistons and outer seals. With brake hoses replaced and calipers bolted to the hubs followed by the pads, (lucky I had some spare pads in the garage as one of the original pads had de-laminated).

The badly corroded original pistons)

The de-laminated brake pad

Assembly of one half of the calipers

Job nearly done

Maddy's 69 Auto passed the dreaded MOT 21/08/06 with no advisements, a clean pass and a big sigh of relief.