Petrol gone.

Pure G's loss of petrol.

Dateline the evening of 02/06/2018 and Pure G decides to throw a wobbly.
As I am going to a new motor show at Newmarket tomorrow I decided to check the car out, there was a smell of petrol-
in the garage. At first I thought it was the can of petrol I keep for the lawn mower, no not that, no split and cap tight-
Looked under the car and noticed a damp patch on the floor just under the rear subframe where the fuel line from the tank-
sits. I opened the boot and tapped the tank, from the sound it made I knew the tank was probably dry, used a piece of bamboo-
and dipped the tank - yep completely dry. Just what I did not need on a Saturday evening. I went over to Andy's house and asked-
if he could help me, Soon the car was out of the garage jacked up and an axle stand for safety. Andy crawled under the car and-
spotted the problem straight away. A rubber joining pipe had split and over the last few days the petrol had slowly seeped away.
As I keep fuel pipe in the boot it was a simple matter to cut another one to the same length. It was pushed on and secured with-
hose clips. The petrol from the lawn mower can was put into the tank and checked for leaks. None found great!....Maddie