Pure G passes the annual MOT.

A rock solid pass for the 1983 Mini Mayfair.

Dateline the evening of 20/05/2018 and time for pure G to undergo the annual MOT on the 21st-
I checked the lights, reversing and fog lamps. And with the car on axle stands checked the CV boots for any splits.
I also made sure that the tyres were fully inflated, water pump, wiper blades and the horn were also checked.
Now for the test 21/05/2018 at 10:00. Gavin the MOT inspector gave the car a thorough going over and to my delight a 100%-
pass rate ensued. No advisements, CO level 2.88%, HC 330 ppm. Brakes all OK with good lock up and well balanced.
I'm glad that Pure G sailed through all the tests. It's worth checking your car in advance and fix/correct any little-
issues you might came across..........That's it folks, catch you at the shows this year.........Maddie