Members car's rolling reports.

Madeline reports.

Hi folks, I'm pleased to say that Boris is now fully functional again. I've since learnt that the engine was originally fitted to a Mini advantage. One thing I'm having to get used to is that the clutch is considerably lighter than the Cooper. Being a Verto type its really smooth. On another note when the new engine was dropped in the speedo cable must have been damaged., because on the first cruise around the town it didn't work. (drat and blast). This was soon sorted out with a new cable. I'm really pleased with the electronic ignition system and the engine seems to be running really well. When the weather starts to improve I'll be starting on a makeover of the car.

John Reports

Last Saturday morning I started fitting some of my new parts, Group 2 arches that use original mini special arch screw holes (no extra drilling) a new product, a chrome bezel for the indicator 1986 onwards. With these fitted I had to wash the car once done stand back and admire. Sunday got up very early, went to show, spent money, came home. On the monday (that I had booked off as holiday) I set about fitting all the parts I had bought, not much to do just fit chrome trim around new arches, after lots of swearing all went to plan. Quick tip: If you fit any chromed/black plastic trim soften it with boiling water while fitting it around curves and wear gloves/safety gear!
Measured up my new over riders stepped back, and put them back into boxes and than advertised them on Ebay! Too much chrome on the front with 4 lamps on a works bar and the other bits, I didn't want them only on the back plus with large rear lights its difficult to get them in the right place. So now with K9 looking just as I want it, its now time to think about making over the interior.........John

To all members - please send in your reports.