Members Cars - John Collins

VKM 236H is a very early Morris Mini Clubman saloon I bought a couple of years ago from a family in Sawston. It didn't run and was covered in layers of brick dust, which when washed off revealed the colour to be Antelope, a sort of grey/beige shade that MiniMag likes to call “packing tape brown”. A friend of mine, however, forgot what animal it was, and christened the car “the bison” and the name kinda stuck!

Best thing is how original the Mini is, no alloys, original red vinyl interior and quite a few details that are different from later Minis. If you ever have trouble sleeping. I could explain them all to you! The bodywork is good in places, bad in others, the worst being the windscreen scuttle and in the corners of the boot. Whilst we may have got it running and patched up in a few areas, it really deserves a full professional restoration and that is what it will get this year.

Apart from the bodywork, the biggest problem with the car is the hydrolastic suspension. One side blatantly refuses to stay up, no matter how much fluid we pump in, but there are no leaks on the floor. I'm dreading having to find new displacer units... Mind you, the collapsed suspension did save the car from a boy racer who wanted to buy it and make a street-racer type Mini from the tax free ID. He took one look at the lopsided car, (and probably the colour) and fled!
John Collins 28.3.06