Members car's rolling reports.

A Bad day for Cris - After his car failed the MOT (Saturday 15.10.05). It was only when he got to Bishops Stortford that the leak was discovered. He'd called in to see Alan when he noticed oil dripping onto the drive - the fast flowing oil slick was promptly nicknamed the Torrey Canyon. We'll keep you posted as to the cause of the problem soon.

Boris, maddy's new car has had a few little niggling things attended too. These included inoperative hazard lights, a faulty temperature sensor and a coolant leak which either did or did not and was very hard to trace. The fault turned out to be a dodgy water heater valve and radiator cap. The valve had a hairline crack in the casting which was very hard to see, and the radiator cap rubber seal was perished. Finally the poor running was found to be a disconnected pipe to the vacuum gauge on the dash panel. Everything is done now. More news as and when.

John's new car has been to Peter Baldwins and did rather well on the rolling road. 66BHP @ 4250RPM in 3rd gear. There will be no stopping him now. (nice car John).

Alan's, Electric Blue mini rebuild is slowly but steadily taking shape - only Alan now calls it Electric cream (that's the undercoat). Maddy sent a new brake drum and some alternators for him to use in the re-build. She wasn't sure if all the alternators were working so he'll have to try them out.