Mini Chill 2018 - Meldreth, Hert's 05/08/2017

Just Alan and I made our way to the small Hertfordshire village of Meldreth-
and the Marley Eternit social club grounds for the 2018 International Cambridgeshire Mini Chill.-
Martin and Kevin were here on saturday as they were going to the BMC rally spare show at Ferry Meadows Peterborough today.
I arrived at approx 09:45 after a good trip down from Ely. Light traffic all the way for a change. As usual Alan-
had beaten me to the venue and already had his chair and parasol up. I parked up along side of his car, and then got my-
parasol and chair. We sat down and chattered for a while commenting on the number of cars here. We had a surprise as a former member-
of Safmini appeared from the camper van parked a few feet away. It was Marc Smith and we ended up for a long chat-
going over the old times. He had camped over the weekend and was preparing to go back home. It was real nice to catch up with him.

So, folks that is it for another year. Catch you at the next mini chill 2019 fate willing.

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Weather not too hot today so Alan and I chilled beneath the parasols. We'll be back again next year. ... Maddie