Minis and Boats to Prickwillow museum

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Just a little report on Alan and Martin's trip to Prickwillow pumpimg station museum. Martin used to work for-
a water company in Prickwillow a few years ago, so he and Alan decided to take a trip and visit his old-
haunts, a little bit of nostalgia for Martin. Martin had emailed me informing they would be visiting Prickwillow-
today. So, Nicola, Andrew and I decided to sail up to Prickwillow and meet up with them there.
We were a bit late in making our rendevous so we only had about 15 minutes to chat with them before they had to head off home.
Alan had not seen the boat for a couple of years and commented on the work Nicola and I had done. All too soon they were gone and-
it was time for the next leg of our river trip. We had a wonderful day just ambling along the river Lark, watching the Comorant's,-
Herons, great crested Grebes and swans with their young. We got back to our moorings in Littleport around 16:40, great day out... Maddie

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