A new show for Alan and I this year being held at Rowley Mile Newmarket-
Some of our members will recall that we often went to Rowley Mile racecourse for the 2 counties Motor Show.
For us it was great to be back at Rowley Mile again. We were ushered into a courtyard by the stewards and parked up.
We had arrived early but slowly the classic cars started to trundle in and arrange themselves around the site.
At10:30 the general public started to arrive and the ambience improved. Both Alan and I had quite a few visitors-
talking about the Minis they used to own, a trip down memory lane for them. The heat was starting to become-
unbearable for us, so we found a nice shady area under the courtyard trees. Our conclusion was, that this show-
has the potential to grow into a very good event. We'll wait to see how things go next year..........Editor.

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