Kimbolton Country Fayre and Classic Car Show - 9th July 2017

Today 9th July and a return to Kimbolton for the Country Fayre and Classic Car Show. Our hosts -
were The lions Club and Sporting Bears car club. As usual they did us proud. Today was quite hot so Alan and I were glad of the shade under-
a huge Oak Tree. This year we were nearer the school and the toilets which meant we did not have to walk too far. After resting for a while-
it was time for yours truly to break out the camera and to start painting with light. I did a complete circle of the showground which was-
heaving with a multitude of people and cars. Almost the whole grounds was taken up with cars, stalls, fair ground rides. There was a large-
beer tent that was well used, tea and coffee was on tap in one tent. I bought a nice cup of coffee for 1.50 which I thought was good value.

I saw many delectable cars which if I ever win the lottery are on my bucket list so to speak. Gary a friend of mine brought his big 1930's -
Bentley along which was soon parked up on the Sporting Bears club stand. Gary has spent the last three years getting the car ready for showing.

Alan and I have been coming to this show since 1997 and it had grown over the years. Last year the show attracted over 8000 visitors.
We'll be back next year, so until then enjoy these images. ..........Maddie

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Images are copyright of Maddie and MFU - 2017